MTB 101 / Essential Mountain Biking Skills Workshop



1/2 Day Skills Mountain Bike Instruction. Up your mountain bike skills with a focus on

  • Position & Balance
  • Operation of Controls
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Technical Climbing
  • Descending On Trails
  • Brake Without Skidding
  • Flow in Technical Terrain
  • How to Corner

This is what a typical class looks like

– We’ll use a parking lot or field to

  • Demonstrate and Practice Basic MTB Skills
  • Discuss Scaled Learning and the Interconnectedness of MTB Skills
  • Develop a Strategy for You to Acquire MTB Skills
  • Then, we all jump on a trail and ride our bikes. It’s time to apply your newly learned skills

– General amount of class time: 2 hours

You should bring

  • bike
  • helmet
  • other protective gear
  • water & food
    -and be prepared for fun


Mountain Crossing operates under a Special Use Permit with the Willamette National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider