Mountain Biking in Oakridge & McKenzie River

Where are the best mountain bike trails in Oregon? That’s easy, Oakridge & The McKenzie River Corridor. These Oregon Cascades trails make up miles of spectacular cross-mountain riding. They pass through ancient Douglas-fir forests on historic bench-cut trails that offer rocky exposure, forest loam and challenging switchbacks. The environment here is pure PNW. The cool (but not cold) temperatures and high moisture support ancient forests, sword ferns and salal. Mountain biking in the Oakridge & McKenzie River trails will challenge and inspire you.

The Best Mountain Bike Trails of Oakridge & McKenzie River:

  • Castle Rock
  • Ollalie
  • O’Leary
  • Alpine
  • Tire Mountain
  • Cloverpatch
  • Flat Creek/Dead Mountain/Salmon Creek
  • Larison Rock
  • Lawler
  • Goodman Creek/Eagle Rest
  • Eula Ridge
  • Middle Fork

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