A Mountain Bike Guide: What is

Guiding is not just about hanging out with your buddies. It’s about making sure people have a fun ride

It’s about regaling in the glories of mountain biking. And it’s also about confidently checking details to make sure the ride goes down well. Being a mountain bike guide is everything between these two statements.

I was introduced to guiding through Mountain Bike Oregon – MBO. MBO is a three-day festival in Oakridge. The Guide Captain at MBO says “Guiding is not just about hanging out with your buddies. It’s about making sure people have a fun ride.” The way I see it, guiding is all about providing a rippingly fun ride. As a Mountain Bike Guide, here’s how I do that:

Show the trails: The trails of Oakridge & McKenzie River are fun and challenging. These are day rides you’ll remember. We’ll traverse exposed rock, travel through 1st & 2nd-growth Douglas Fir groves, and drop into challenging switchbacks. You will want to come back again and again to ride these trails

Show the local stoke: Oakridge is the Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest. Ask the City Mayor Jim Coey. It’s on his business card. Visit the Pub, Distillery and the Inn. Park your car. Explore. You’ll see what I mean. You’ll also be charmed by the small communities on the McKenzie River Corridor that include Blue River, McKenzie Bridge and Belknap Springs. I’m friends with many of the small businesses in both communities. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to show these hot spots to you

Manage the details: Things happen on bike rides. We get flats. We get hungry. Someone falls. I’m ready for you. I have the experience and training, so you don’t have to sweat the details about the extreme situations. My pack carries a wilderness First Aid Kit, phone battery backup, extra water & food and full trail tool kit. We’re gonna have a great day in some rough back-country – that’s why I’m prepared

Deliver on a Value Proposition: By contracting with me, you and I enter into an agreement. The agreement binds each of us to an obligation  – one to the other. Here’s how I see the breakdown for that agreement:

  1. I will deliver to you a fun experience on Cascade MTB trails
  2. You will pay me a sum of money

I intend to deliver on my obligation

End Note: The guy in the picture is me. I was playing some mouth harp during a break as Time Keeper for the Sturdy Dirty Oakridge Enduro in 2017