Mountain Bike Instruction: Skills Based Learning

Mountain Crossing Instruction utilizes the Skills Based Learning, rather than Maneuver Based Learning 

Mountain Bike Skills are fundamental components of mountain bike riding. These components all work together and are required for safe, efficient bike riding. Examples include Operation of Controls, Position & Balance, Pressure Control, or Timing.

Mountain Bike Maneuvers are things a rider does, using “skills”. A rider uses the skills to
corner. Cornering is a maneuver. A rider uses the skills to do a Front Wheel Lift. Other examples include
wheelies, rear wheel lifts, bunnyhops or jumps and drops.

A rider with weak skills, will not be able to properly perform maneuvers. For example, a rider who struggles
with staying centered and leaning the bike underneath them, will find it hard to corner. However, trying to learn
maneuvers can be a great way of improving the Skills. For example, trying to learn how to do a Front Wheel Lift,
can be a great way to develop someone’s Pressure Control and Timing & Coordination Skills.*

The learning focus at Mountain Crossing includes

  • Learning skills
  • Practicing skills
  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Using skills to increase maneuver acumen

*Mountain Crossing, LLC gives full credit for use of PMBIA images, curriculum and description of curriculum to the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association.