The Story of Mountain Crossing

How to create a business as a mountain bike guide & instructor

  1. Attend trainings and get certificates
  2. Ride the trails and get to know the communities
  3. Obtain permits from land managers
  4. Create MTB Tours and Instruction Classes
  5. Go to market

Welcome to Mountain Crossing. My name is Dennis Sibilia-Young. This is something I have been thinking about (no, dreaming about) all my life. 

Mountain Crossing started in October 2015. The goal was to provide service to the sport of mountain biking. At that point, I was relatively new to the sport. I’d only been mountain biking 3 years. Prior to that, I’d never considered mountain biking a valid sport. I didn’t understand what the sport was. 

I started riding MTB late in my cycling career. Wow, that makes me sound old. I was introduced by my good friend Phil. He loaned me a mountain bike and took me to a local trail system. I’d been racing weekly criteriums during that same period of time, and was super fit. I thought my fitness would help me fly down the mountain bike trails. In truth, I struggled. I’d never encountered slippery logs and root-overs. The trails were super difficult with extreme ups-and-downs and endless blind curves. The sight-lines were crazy short. Mountain biking was really intense and hard. I was humiliated. Worse, on that first ride I suffered some pretty severe bruises from elbow wacks, shin scrapes, and falls.

But, I stayed at mountain biking. It captured my attention. Over the following years, mountain biking became a discipline of study – and a source of great pleasure. I look forward to sharing mountain biking with you.

Here are some of my qualifications:

    • Certified Wilderness First Aid For Mountain Biking
    • Certified Instructor through the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA)
    • Licensed Guide with the State of Oregon
  • Mountain Bike Guide with the Willamette National Forest